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Project | 01


Whether a company is brand new or well established, I believe their logo is the first preview for potential clients into a company. I enjoy meeting with my clients and learning about their businesses; together we brainstorm to create a brand that tells a their story.

Project | 02

Flyers and Invitations | MARKETING+ INFO                                                                       GRAPHICS + INVITATIONS

Whether a design is promoting a big city event or an intimate bridal shower, it's all in the details. Along with my clients, we create a theme that attracts their audience while successfully providing event details.

Project | 03

Carry Your Own | BRANDING + ENVIRONMENTAL                                                 GRAPHICS + PRODUCT DESIGN

The “Carry Your Own” campaign informs the public about the consequences of using plastic ware and promotes safer habits that are easy to adopt. Disposable ware is marketed to society as an easy, convenient, and cleaner way to eat, but this campaign unfolds the truth about plastic.  Do away with plastic utensils and CARRY YOUR OWN.

Project | 04

                                PRODUCT DESIGN

This project was one I am personally close to because it is my family’s salsa and catering business. Mis Padres is a family oriented company that strives to create a relationship with their community through their tradition, fresh products and quality services. 

Project | 05

Make Your Own Music | MARKETING + PRODUCT                                                              DESIGN + LAYOUT DESIGN

The Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park is famous for their folk art, craft and design exhibitions from all over the world. “Make Your Own Music” featured several instruments from around the globe. I designed an interactive children's guide to help get kids excited about learning about other countries musical culture.

Project | 06


You don’t have to live in San Diego or around any kind of military base to see “Support Our Troops” messages. The K.I.T, Keep In Touch, was designed for everyone, especially young children, to feel like each kit they purchase is significant and represents one of our many troops abroad.

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